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This part of the website is dedicated to stormchasing in the Netherlands and neighboring countries in Europe. In the Netherlands and Europe there is a lot of "severe weather" but it mostly is not as powerfull as in the US. Good startingpoints are the weather models of NWS-NCEP "GFS" and their European counterpart "ECMWF". The SPC counterpart in Europe is "ESTOFEX" which is widely used by European stormchasers. Netherlands has a lot of good sources of weather information too such as Skywarn, SevereWeather, Weer.nl of MeteoGroup, WeerPlaza, the blog of Karim Hamid and many others.

A30, Osnabruck, Horstel, Germany, 22 june 2008 Osnabruck, Hannover, Kassel, Germany, 9 august 2007 Tornado, Flevopolder, 12 august 2006 Shelfcloud, Beuningen, 17 july 2004
Germany, 22 june 2008 Germany, 9 august 2007 Flevopolder, 12 august 2006 Beuningen, 17 july 2004

When you want to learn everything on severe weather then the European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS) are a must!

For the real "thing" stormchasing severe weather in Tornado Alley in the USA is a sure must!

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