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Anatolian Total Solar Eclipse, 29 march 2006
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This webpage describes our Anatolian Eclipse 2006 expedition and siteseeing in Turkey together with our Romanian friends. The expedition starts in Bucuresti and via Istanbul, Cappodocia, Ankara we arrive at Side along the southern coast of Turkey. In Side, which is located along the central line of the eclipse, we search and find a very fine location to observe the total solar eclipse. The day after we return to Istanbul and further home to Romania where we will stay a couple of days and visit the Sphinx on top of the Bucegi mountains. This very special expedition perhaps is one of the very most succesfull ones I ever made thanks mostly to our friendly and enthusiast Romanian friends and we will keep it in memory forever.

Anatolian Eclipse, Siteseeing Istanbul
Istanbul siteseeing
Anatolian Eclipse, Siteseeing Cappadocia
Cappadocia siteseeing
Anatolian Eclipse, Side, Apollo Temple, totality
Side total solar eclipse
Anatolian Eclipse, Siteseeing Bucegi mountains, Sphinx
Sphinx at Bucegi mountains

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