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This part of the site covers some topics we can observe outside our planets atmosphere: the astronomy. Starting with non astronomical objects but manmade devices circling around our globe also know as satellites. Then the smallest objects we know: meteors which we observe only when they flash up in the upper layers of earth atmosphere. Comets including their sometimes impressive tails always look so different. The biggest objects in our solar system: moon and planets and, at a much bigger distance, stars and constellations in the milkyway which are clearly recognizable when the nightsky is clear and transparant.

Satellites Meteors Comets Moon, Planets and Stars
Satellites Meteors Comets Moon, Planets and Stars

The SDA-2011 expedition to the Hakos Astrofarm in Namibia to observe the Southern delta-Aquariids has been very successfull.

The southern nightsky

29 july 2011 at 20h16m UT

Milky way (left)
Zodiacal light (right)

Canon 20D + EF-S 10-22mm
300 seconds on iso-800
Astrotrac TT-320X AG
Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod
ISS + STS-133 (Discovery), 8 march 2011, De Bilt, Netherlands

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