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This part of the website is dedicated to nature at the planet's surface. From close to my home in the Houdringe reserve to the wonderfull NS-hikingtrails. The Netherlands has lot's of beautiful nature, in foreign country's are many nice mountain area's too. A special item is devoted to ice-scating over frozen waters in Dutch nature which on itself has a unique beauty.

Houdringe, Winter, 7 december 2008 Walking, Tienhoven, 19 june 2005 Specials, Zambia, Liuwa Plain, 4 july 2010 Mountains, Norway, Skarvheimen, 1 april 2005
Houdringe Walking Specials Mountains

Special WWF tiger conservation journey to the Pench Tiger Reserve and Kanha National Park in India

Autumn 2010:

Autumn is in the air!

so mushrooms!

Houdringereserve, De Bilt, the Netherlands

3 october 2010, Canon Ixus 1000HS
picture of the day

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