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Namibia, july/august 2011
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This webpage informs you on our expedition to Namibia in the southern hemisphere. We were hosted at the Hakos Astro- and guestfarm which is specifically equipped for ameteur astronomers who want to observe the southern nightsky. The expedition is aimed at the study of the southern delta Aquariids (SDA). Secondly we performed a lot of astrophotography on a lot of astronomical objects only visible from this location. And, when you are at a special location like this, do some site-seeing because Namibia has very special landscapes.

Namibia, Hakos Astrofarm
Hakos Astrofarm
Astrophotography in Namibia
Siteseeing Namibia 2011

Southern delta-Aquariids (SDA) expedition 2011 to Namibia, Hakos Astro- & Guestfarm, 25 july - 7 august

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