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This part of the website covers skating on ice in nature. The Netherlands has large amounts of open waters such as canals, lakes and nature reserves. In a moderate cold winter and not to much of snow these open areas will freeze. And than lots of Dutch citizens grap their skates! Nature is then at it's finest, I myself like the winterseason best especially when skating around. From all four seasons I find the winter the most imagination. Sunrise, sunset or nature full in ripe, they all are breathtaking as observed from the ice!

Loosdrecht, vijfde plas, De Strook - 8 januari 2010 Oostvaarders plassen - 11 januari 2009 Ankeveense plassen - 31 december 2008 Molenpolder - 22 december 2007
Loosdrecht Oostvaardersplassen Ankeveen Molenpolder

De Weerribben is a very nice nature reserve in the north-western part of Overijssel in case our own ice-scating area cannot be used...

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