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Storm Chasing in the USA
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This part of the website is dedicated to stormchasing, that is hunting for severe weather. In Europe we can observe nice severe weather but you have to be at the right time at the right location. We will go storm chasing in the Unites States to observe severe weather perhaps including tornado's. To gain more theoretical knowledge we will attend the European Conferences on Severe Storms.

Russell, Kansas, USA, 11 june 2011 Woodward, Oklahoma, USA, 10 may 2010 Grand Island, Nebraska, USA, 29 may 2009 Dodge City, Kansas, USA, 26 may 2008
Russell, 11 june 2011 Woodward, 10 may 2010 Grand Island, 29 may 2009 Dodge City, 26 may 2008

The first images of our Stormchasing USA 2012 expedition our available now!

When you want to practice severe storms in the Netherlands then start Stormchasing to learn how severe storms develop in real life!

When you want to learn everything on severe weather then the European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS) are a must!

Stormchases in the USA:

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