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This part of the website is dedicated to observing meteors. It was my first and most extensively experienced part of astronomy. Small grains of dust originating from comets and entering the Earth atmosphere at an altitude of about 100 kilometers. Those small particles burned up in just a split of a second but sometimes a very bright one appears, called a fireball. Such nice meteors have long lasting trains for many seconds. My main interest is photographing these particles. Meteor observation campaigns and expeditions all are in collaboration with the Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

Asteroid 2008-TC3, Almahata Sitta, Nubian Desert, Sudan Leonids 1998, Delingha, China Perseids 1993, Rognes, Provence Geminids 1990, Lardiers, Provence
Asteroid 2008-TC3 Leonids 1998 Perseids 1993 Geminids 1990

Leonids 2002, Rodalquilar, Spain Leonids 2001, Xinglong, China Leonids 1999, Xalo, Spain Leonids 1995, Alcudia, Spain
Leonids 2002 Leonids 2001 Leonids 1999 Leonids 1995

On 7 october Asteroid 2008 TC3 entered the Earth atmosphere above the Nubian desert of Sudan and we did go there!

eRadiant, the journal of the Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

International Meteor Organisation (IMO) - International Meteor Conferences (IMC)

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