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Asteroid 2008 TC3 - Almahata Sitta, Nubian desert, Sudan

[2008 October 7, 02:46 UT]
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This webpage tells you on the conference on Asteroid 2008 TC3 organised by Dr. Peter Jenniskens of the SETI-institute and Dr. Muawia Shaddad of the Physids Department of the Khartoum University. Then on the search for more meteorites by the students of the University of Khartoum and 17 scientist from several countries outside Sudan near Almahata Sitta in the Nubian desert in the northern part of Sudan. And we show you some pictures of our site-seeing tour along the river Nile.

Workshop at the Physics Department of the Khartoum University
Physics Department
Khartoum University
5 december 2009
6 december 2009
7 december 2009
8 december 2009
Meteorite seach at the Almahata Sitta
Asteroid 2008 TC3
Almahata Sitta
Photo: P. Jenniskens, SETI Institute
9 december 2009
10 december 2009
11 december 2009
12 december 2009
Nile, Wadi Halfa, Abri, Karima
Sudanese Hieroglyphs
13 december 2009
14 december 2009
15 december 2009

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